Firstprizebears Aspen

AM-CAN Ch. Windfiddler’s Still Cruisin’HD-GoodAM Ch. Windfiddler’s Bound To Be A StarHD-FairAM-CAN Ch. Potterdale Double ImageHD-GoodPotterdale Anderson At RamsgroveHD 6:7
GB Ch. Blumberg Hadriana At Potterdale
AM-CAN Ch. Classical Star BabyAM Ch. Algobrae Sterling Silver Black
Orora Julia
AM-CAN Ch. Potterdale ProsperityHD-FairGB Ch. Coalacre CuriosityHD 5:5GB Ch. Potterdale PtolemyHD 4:4
Kameleon Of Coalacre
GB Ch. Potterdale PreludeGB Ch. Potterdale PhilosopherHD 0:2
GB Ch. Tamevalley Easter Song Of Potterdale
INT-NL-B-NL-D-VDH-LUX-CZ-PL-WW-2000 Ch. Firstprizebears Very BrownHD-A, Eyes-clearFirstprizebears EmersonHD-A, Eyes-clearINT-NL-F-B-LUX-D-VDH-DK-AM-CAN Ch. Shilstone Choir BoyHD-AGB Ch. Pepperland Lyric John At Potterdale
GB Ch. Potterdale SerenadeHD 5:7
INT-NL-D-VDH-B Ch. Shilstone SecretGB Ch. Potterdale ConclusionHD 4:6
GB Ch. Potterdale SerenadeHD 5:7
INT-NL-LUX-D-B-VDH-CAN Ch. Firstprizebears Hillary ClintonHD-A Eyes-clearD-VDH Ch. Pahari L’ The PaganHD-AGB-Ch Sammara Night CapHD-A
INT-D Ch. Sunbree Special Moments Of PahariHD-A
INT-NL-DK Ch. Sheepish’s Price Bear The FirstHD-AINT-NL-F-B-LUX-D-VDH-DK-AM-CAN Ch. Shilstone Choir BoyHD-A
DK-N Ch. Potterdale Double DelightHD-A