22 maart 2024

Last photoshoot of all Pikes’ and Tina’s puppies!

Pikes’ and Tina’s puppies had the last photoshoot before some of the puppies left to their forever homes. And of course, this photoshoot had to be a special one, with Mummy!

The task of taking pictures with mummy was a hard one, as the priority was to give kisses to mum and not sit still…but we managed!

The first, one to take a picture with mummy was our Firstprizebears Vivienne Westwood known as Indie at home, who set a standard so high – posed for a picture like super model which came out perfect on the first shot!

Next up was our Firstprizebears Val Kilmer known as Guinness, who danced around mummy with full energy and did not want to stay in one place, but he won the biggest smile contest – exactly the same smile as mummy’s.

Third up was our Firstprizebears Vince Vaughn known as Hamish, who was cuddling mummy resulting in super sweet picture.

Fourth was our Firstprizebears Vivien Leigh known as Tahryn, who just sat close to mummy like a doll melting us with her eyes.

The fifth one to pose for the pictures was our Firstprizebears Video Killed The Radio Star, sweet boy posed for a picture like a super model and picture was taken in few attempts.

The sixth one to pose was our cute boy Firstprizebears Vin Diesel, the name suits him well as he is super fast one, however he kindly posed for the pictures in his full charm.

The last one was our Firstprizebears Victoria Beckham, what a posh girl she is, a true Posh spice.

All of the puppies of course had to try on the signature purple hair clips and will have to wait till the hair is long enough to safely hold the pin.